Premiere March 2017

Hamlet is ready to be king. He has been preparing for it all of his life. But by royal election his own mother points to Hamlet’s uncle, whom she also marries. Hamlet gets suspicious. Did his father – the old king – die from natural causes? Or did his uncle stand behind a coup? Hamlet is a well-educated humanist who is convinced that his life should be about politics, peace and family. Instead, he finds himself in a game of intrigue, revenge, power and death. His tool is the theater through close friendships with actors from the city. How can Hamlet be sure to do the right thing? How can he use his life for the benefit of Denmark?

Mungo Park’s HAMLET is a short and intense affair. Retiring theater director Martin Lyngbo shortens and interprets Shakespeare’s eternal classic. 100 minutes of power play. In his hands the world’s best play. On stage Denmark’s perhaps most agenda setting ensemble.

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Staging and processing
Martin Lyngbo

Rikke Lylloff
Henrik Prip
Marianne Mortensen
Anders Budde Christensen
Jonas Munck Hansen
Mads Hjulmand
Nana Morks

Rikke Juellund

Sound design
Rasmus Overgaard Hansen

Lighting design
Jacob H. S. Rasmussen

Niels Brunse

Jonas Munck Hansen

Choreographic consultant
Kasper Ravnhøj

110 minutes (no intermission)