Manning is free

Chelsea Manning was born Bradley Manning. She served in the US military and came into the public eye as the whistle-blower who leaked thousands of confidential reports, images and data about American war-making and foreign policy: overall the greatest number of confidential documents ever leaked to the public. It cost her a sentence of thirty-five years in jail, and while serving her sentence Bradley transitioned to Chelsea. As one of his final presidential acts President Obama pardoned Manning and she was released on 17 May 2017. Now she is free.

MANNING IS FREE is about truths that will out; a tale of changing the world and changing yourself; a tale of struggle, self-sacrifice and being reborn – and of sticking to what you really believe in. It is the story of a martyr, an ungrateful traitor, or perhaps just someone who’s truly human.

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Actor and playwright:
Anders Budde Christensen

Maria Kjærgaard-Sunesen

Nicolaj Spangaa

Sound designer:
Rasmus Overgaard Hansen

Lighting designer:
Jacob H.S. Rasmussen

1 hour and 40 minutes