Mungo Park - Travels in the Interior of Africa

MUNGO PARK Travels in the Interior of Africa is rip-roaring entertainment and a salutary story. Reaching into Europe’s colonial past and pulling it into the 21st century, director Martin Lyngbo has created a Hollywood epic on an empty stage to create a tragi-comedy of the Enlightenment.

In 1795 and 1805, Park led two action-packed expeditions to West Africa to chart the River Niger and investigate tales of vast gold wealth. His epic journeys on foot took him through present-day Gambia, Senegal and Mali. He was the first European to reach Timbuktu. Constantly encountering the unknown, he was met with both kindness and barbarity, but it was the barbarity he eventually met within himself which proved to be his undoing.

The play employs a simple yet highly imaginative scenic idiom to tell the tale of the man whose name the small suburban Mungo Park Theatre has adopted. The play was a smash hit and remained in repertory from 2006 to 2009. There is now renewed international interest in the play and a new revitalized version of the play is being produced with the Scottish Dogstar Theatre company featuring a cast drawn from both companies opening on The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2016.

MUNGO PARK – Travels in the Interior of Africa performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 followed by a tour throughout Scotland. The Danish version with a Danish cast had its premiere in Copenhagen October 2016.




  • “As a play it really has it all: a great true story, a tragic hero, and challenging themes as cultures meet. Better still, it’s carried off with panache and superb theatricality”
  • “The trio have a fantastic chemistry and an impressive amount of energy.”
  • “three-handed narrative… inventively designed, ripping yarn with a serious edge.”

    The Stage
  • “A triumph of political theatre, Mungo Park will not disappoint.”

    Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
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Martin Lyngb

Martin Lyngbo and Thor Bjørn Krebs

Set designer
Palle Steen Christensen

Marcus Aurelius Hjelmborg

Cast / Scottish version
Matthew Zajac
Kingsley Amadi
Anders Budde Christensen

Cast / Danish version
Anders Budde Christensen
Henrik Prip
Mads Hjulmand

Jacob H. S. Rasmussen / Adalsteinn Stefansson

Rasmus O. Hansen / Mogens Laursen

English version
Jonathan Sydenham

Jakob Holm

Producer/international relations
Anne Sophie Fogedby

100 minutes without intermission