The complete H.C. Andersen

On his deathbed H. C. Andersen realizes he will only be remembered for his fairy tales. Not the novels, the poems, or the plays. Not his paper cuts, travel descriptions or pleated christmas hearts – just the fairy tales and nothing else. This chilling realization sends the dying poet on a mental rollercoaster ride through his collected fairy tales. Is it enough? Is it good enough? Will it secure his eternal fame?

The complete H. C. Andersen is a fast-paced tour de force through the debris from Denmark’s great poet. 156 fairy tales. 100 minutes. Three actors.

The show is directed by award-winning Heinrich Christensen.


  • Berlingske
  • Jyllands-Posten
  • Teater1
  • Kulturkupeen
  • Frederiksborg Amts Avis
  • Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld
  • Magasinet KBH
  • Ungt Teaterblod
  • Kulturkongen
  • KOP Kultur
  • Nichen


Director and playwright:
Heinrich Christensen

Mungo Park ensemble

Set design:
Lisbeth Burian

Lightning design:
Jacob H. S. Rasmussen

Sound design:
Rasmus Overgaard Hansen

Jonas Munck Hansen

Heinrich Christensen
Jonas Munck Hansen

Assistant director:
Emil Amby

Pille Behrendt

Karin Ørum

Props assistant:
Matilde Schwartz

Jakob Holm

100 minutes (without a break)

Age limit, recommended:
From highschool age (app. 15 years)