Woman know your body

The play has a unique literary source: it is based on an iconic Danish handbook about female life and the female body, written by feminists at the height of the women´s lib movement. When the book was first published in 1975 WOMAN KNOW YOUR BODY caused a stir that bordered on outcry. Since then it has become less politically explosive and the book is now widely acclaimed in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. The play was awarded as Best Performance of the Year 2011 in Denmark.

WOMAN KNOW YOUR BODY unfolds as an elegant collage of extracts from books and guides inter-woven with thoughts, feelings and experiences from the real lives of women.

Two actors play all the roles. Most characters are women but there are also men. The play demonstrate the variety of issues in female lives. During the show we encounter women in many familiar situations, some funny, some deadly serious.

Since the opening night at Rogaland Theatre in Norway 2010 WOMAN KNOW YOUR BODY has played more than 390 performances in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and on Island. It was awarded the most prestigious price in Denmark, Reumert, as Best Performance of the Year 2011 and has to date been seen by more that 60.000 people.


Director and playwright:
Kamilla Wargo Brekling

Mungo Park ensemble

Set Design:
Helle Damgaard

Lighting design:
Sara Clemmensen

Sound design:
Rasmus O. Hansen

Karina Dichov Lund

Anne Sophie Fogedby

Tiderne Skifter

Duration: 90 min. (Without intermission)

The show was developed in close collaboration with the original cast: Maria Rich and Kasper Leisner