Mungo Park testvisning

Test performances 21st and 22nd of June 8 pm

Help us test the performance by being the first audience to view the new English version of the play before we send it off to Scotland. It’s free and it’s in English. For tickets check out the calendar below.

In 1796 Scottish explorer Mungo Park sets sail for Africa, twenty-four years old and full of youthful idealism. His object: to be the first European to reach Timbuktu. On his way he discovers a cruel world full of barbarity. But his nightmare only really begins when he meets the barbarity within himself.

MUNGO PARK is an epic tale of European idealism and the encounter with the unknown. The play employs a simple yet highly imaginative scenic idiom to tell the tale of the man whose name the small suburban Mungo Park theatre has adopted. The play was a smash hit and remained in repertory from 2006 to 2009. There is now renewed international interest in the play and a new revitalized version of the play is being produced with the Scottish Dogstar Theatre company featuring a cast drawn from both companies opening in Edinburgh in August 2016.

But before leaving for the full Scottish tour we need to test the performance before an audience in Denmark. We give you a free ticket if you help us by watching the show. For tickets check out the calendar below.

The English version will premiere in Edinburgh August 2016. The Danish version will premiere at Mungo Park in Allerød (Denmark) October 2016.



Two test performances in DK before touring in Scotland
21st and 22nd of june 2016 at 8 pm
(for tickets see below)

Martin Lyngbo

Martin Lyngbo and Thor Bjørn Krebs


Marcus Aurelius Hjelmborg

Set design:

Palle Steen Christensen


Anders Budde Christensen
Matthew Zajac
Kingsley Amadi

Sound design:
Rasmus Overgaard Hansen/Mogens Laursen

Lighting design:
Jacob H. S. Rasmussen/Adalsteinn Stefansson

Language: English

Translation from original script:
Jonathan Sydenham

Around 80 minutes (no intermission)